Basic things you should know about juice extractors

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February 22, 2019
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Basic things you should know about juice extractors

A juice maker is a desire for almost every family concerned about nutritious and healthy beverages. Juice extractors are appliances, used to achieve this goal in no time – and they get along with most types of fruit and vegetable. Here we suggest you keep an eye on the following details on what to do with it and how does juice extractor work.

Juice maker machines exist in three main variations, each of them has its own purpose. Automatic are divided into centrifugal and masticating machines. Centrifugal juice extractor serves essentially as a shredder – it cuts food in pieces while the food spins inside. However be aware that you need to drink it immediately – because centrifugal juice extractors create a certain level of oxidation. As for masticating juice extractor are basically slower versions of former ones, they conduct their job more slowly and quieter. The food they create can be kept for a certain period of time and if that was not enough, these extractors are also much cheaper.

The third type we keep for the last, because it is the best. It is called a hydraulic juicer. It is most certainly the best and expensive one, and the principle of work is most simple – it cuts food into small pieces which are then thrown into a special linen bag, put directly under the press. The press chews food with a noticeable degree of force – and such food does not suffer the oxidation effect. It is the best juice extractor for home use.

However it is not obligatory you choose exactly the third type. What to buy is for you to decide. We can only name some common knowledge facts for all three types. The centrifugal is the fastest – but it does not require you to do much, so you can start it and then relax (if you don`t mind the noise). Masticating ones are demanding in a sense they need you to stand near and be ready to act, but you are finally rewarded with healthier and overall better beverage.

Juice extractors also run out of steam. It happens not so fast, however at least a year-warranty is a must. Another technical issue lies in juicer parts – especially the engine. It tends to break over time and what some people face – there are juicers with no juice parts available. So make sure this catastrophe is under control. Also don`t forget, that 450 watt motor is recommended, and it is (or higher version of it) included in hydraulic press juicers.

So all in all, you are the one who makes final choice – which juice extractor to buy. Consider its size, construction (removable parts indicate more simple approach of using, cleaning, storing), power (engine), and safety (warranties, replacements). Make right investments!

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