A complete guide on how to buy coffee machines

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February 22, 2019
February 22, 2019
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A complete guide on how to buy coffee machines

If there is pleasure in our lives – it is coffee. Not only it gives us its unique taste – now it is a part of quite a range of activities. And coffee machines are what bring us this joy. While best coffee machines are abstract, we suggest you take a look at what we have to say about different types of coffee makers.

This guide explains some of the most common kinds of coffee machines you'll see for sale, outlining the benefits and suitability of each. A good coffee machine lasts for years, and once you're used to the real stuff you'll never go back to instant!
Here we don`t try to sell you a coffee maker, we only want to give you a taste of what it is to choose a coffee machine. Choose wisely!

Filter coffee machine This is the most popular kind, and the most available one on the market. Filter coffee maker is a must for parties, offices and other large groups of people. The concept is quite simple: water goes through ground coffee and then, after passing through a filter which removes small dust, turns into a coffee! Do not worry about water: usually such glass jars are situated on a plate that by itself produces heat. Even a cheap filter coffee maker can make a difference in comparison to what is usually sold at supermarkets, so while easy to use, it is a great choice.

Percolators coffee maker As for percolator coffee machines, the process is much more complicated – but it comes with a more sophisticated taste as well. Water is boiled in a kind of chamber and then it circulates through the device, until it finds its way through the tube. Then it passes the filter and ground coffee. Percolator coffee machines rely on heating elements and thus do not require any outside heat to work. Oh, and of course the coffee is better – depending on the length of the process. While looking at all this technical details a question arises: what effect does it have on coffee itself? Well, percolator coffee makers allow you to regulate the strength of the coffee, up to the most bitter ones!

Espresso and cappuccino machines A common sight in cafes of all sorts, espresso coffee makers and cappuccino coffee machines are what most people tend to use when drinking coffee. Their main purpose is to serve espresso and cappuccino (as the name suggests). There are two types of them – pressure and pump-driven. Pressure coffee machines are basically percolators but they are slightly more advanced (like Nespresso coffee machines). Pump espresso machines allow for better temperature regulation, making them a more reliable choice. They are more expensive though. They come with milk steamers and different kinds of pumps.

Bean-to-cup Coffee machines Coffee bean machines are celebrities comparing to other coffee machines. Beans are getting ready right in front of you, turned into coffee in the nick of time – and you can just mind your own business, these machines are fully automated. They resemble computers in how coffee beanery may be prepared – a set of options to use to suit your personal coffee tastes. Prices and noises ruin the fun but it is well worth the trouble. As far as cleaning goes – there is practically nothing to worry about.

Coffee makers with grinders Coffee grinders are for gourmets – the freshest coffee, relatively cheap prices. They mean you have to do work yourself, but reward you with a sense of pleasure after drinking «handmade» coffee. Coffee grinders are totally adjustable and are used in a variety of coffee makers – from filter coffee makers to percolators.

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