February 22, 2019
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February 22, 2019
Slow cookers or crock pots, as someone with a much brighter imagination would call them, do not mess around – they practically relieve our time. When I am drowning in a variety of activities my smart crock pot deals with any cooking task I throw at him in a fabulous fashion (and the food is actually decent).

Whenever you have a desire for changes and want to start from simple things such as buying a slow cooker – better rush for slow cooker sale! There are tips you should know beforehand, though.

Slow cooker dealers are certainly not one-trick-ponies – good slow cookers go along with corresponding prices and each has its own usage – so it definitely depends on what your intentions are. Which slow cooker to buy then? A perfect one, so be sure to heed to the following steps.

1. Method of heating
Distribution of heat is a must for a good slow cooker. This is achieved by a set of heating paths – from bottom to sides or on the bottom only. The best deal you can get – is with, certainty, a moving element (heat circulates inside the pot). A crock pot slow cooker burning your food is basically what we expect not to happen with slow cookers – there is a crock which sometimes overheats the food inside, ruining our concept of a slow cooker. These usually come with timers though – but still better say than sorry!

2. Crock construction
Speaking of crock pots – imagine it as your regular pet. What does it do? Right, moves around! So be sure to choose the one which you will be able to easily care for – that is, choose the one you can remove and clean. Material is not under any limitations – stainless or ceramic slow cookers are nice but they all do their job.

3. Lid material
There are some pieces of advice on what to expect from a lid material. Slow cooker lid holds inside heat, vital to your food, that`s why it is not to be opened to avoid the heat loss. Nevertheless, sometimes we can be smarter and choose glass lids – resulting in not needing to open it every time we need to peek in.

4. Shape
Oval slow cookers are a hit on the scene, but truly speaking, shape does not really matter that much. Sure, one thing to keep in mind is what will have to fit inside – be it pork, lamb or anything else. If it is for regular daily use – don`t be afraid to show some designing creativity and choose any shape to make your kitchen a tiny bit cozier.

5. Size
What at first seems an arguable question between married couples is the size of a slow cooker. Some like it bigger, some – smaller. Remember one thing – recipes are not objects, just texts, so they can diminish to suit your needs. If you are ready for some calculations – three or four quart slow cooker might do the trick. If recipes are stubborn and do not feel the wind of change – six quart slow cooker is the most obvious choice since a major deal of recipes are meant for exactly this size. Everyone asks if a slow cooker can be bigger. Believe it or not, some prefer 10 quart crock pots!

6. Sear function
For meat lovers, there are slow cookers that possess another valuable quality – they can sear food. Of course with comfort comes the price but it is well worth it if you often cook meat. This is done in two ways – depending on if your insert is stovetop-free. If it is, you place it directly on the stovetop and finish cooking in the crock pot. If it`s not – well, there is a setting in slow cookers that you may choose instead.
The positive point is that while washing dishes you have one dish less to clean, so you may as well choose these slow cookers. But the negative side is always there – removing insert from stovetop requires minimum attention to what`s happening, so in case you wanted just relax while cooking best slow cooker meals – be ready to act.

7. Timer
Nowadays technology has a tendency of planning your day ahead, that`s why if you fell like a busy person, you should keep an eye on whether you slow cooker has a timer on it. Crock pots with timer help you be sure that you cook meals instead of coals and your house is safe from a random fire.

8. Warming function
Of course there is temperature regulation in every crock pot, but another point that gives slow cookers an advantage is warming function. There are several uses for it: be it sleeping before a good meal, keeping late hours at work or being stuck in a traffic jam on your way home – the slow cooker with this function will help the food stay warm but not crispy.

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